Day 1 – Augusta, Ga to Memphis, Tn

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Today has been a long day. The ride from Augusta was smooth and uneventful — thank goodness. Of course we stopped a few time to take pictures in front of each state’s welcome sign — we’re not really in a hurry. 🙂 Unfortunately, we were welcomed to Tennessee by pouring rain, so no picture there.
We made it to our Airbnb location (more details after we check out) and immediately went to dinner. We ate at Central BBQ on Butler Street. It was highly recommended by the owner of our Airbnb as well as our Uber driver. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. I definitely prefer Texas and selective Carolina BBQ over what I had for dinner in Memphis. The side dishes were even less desirable after the first few bites. The mac-n-cheese was not the best or the worst that I’ve ever had, but it was nowhere close to my mama’s. 🙂 The baked beans need work but edible. The local beer, Ghost River Grindhouse Cream Ale, was the best part of dinner.
A visit to Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was killed is a must see. We can never understand our present or improve our future without knowing our past. Living in the past and learning from the past are two different things. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the difference.
We walked around the area and noticed the redevelopment that is taking place. Like many other cities, old and abandoned warehouses are getting a face lift. More than likely, they will become luxury apartments and office space. Real estate investment is the way to go at this point.
Our desired destination, Beale Street, did not disappoint. The sound of blues, rock and roll, and jazz was overlapping with each step. It is definitely a sight to see.

Our accommodations were done through Airbnb. The host were available and responsive to all our needs and questions. The check-in/out was seamless because of great instructions.

The website is:

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