Day 2 – Memphis to Oklahoma





Driving Through Arkansas

We decided to take advantage of our route and stop to visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum in Little Rock Arkansas. It was the first time visiting the site for all of us. As we drove towards the parking lot, it was evident that there was a live event, possible concert, at the museum the night before. The clean up crew was still hard at work. We assumed the library would be closed since it was Memorial Day, but to our surprise, they were open.

As we watched the video, narrated by President Clinton, there were a lot of details about his life and service that I did not know. It gives way to further reading and research of our 42nd president. The guided tour through the library and museum was definitely educational and worth the $8 of admission (military discount). We sat in the recreated Cabinet Meeting Room and learned the history of the oval table and the origin of the Cabinet with George Washington (hints for your research).

The best part of traveling and learning new things is meeting people from various places. I met a young man reading the letter from Mother Theresa to President Clinton and we began a conversation. He is from the same small town of Calcutta as Mother Theresa. Small world!

The location of the library gave me a feeling of good hometown middle America. It sits beside the Arkansas River in Little Rock. The bridge that goes across the river is called the Clinton Bridge. There is a bike/walking trail, including the bridge, that loops 20 miles from the museum down towards the city and back — perfect for days like today.

Random information:  Did you know that William J Clinton was not our president’s birth name?





Morning Thought

As we are riding through Arkansas, I am watching the farmers till their fields and looking at millions of dollars of agricultural artwork. I’m also thinking about what my sister-friend, Lisa, used to say, “we are all tools in the toolbox”.

I can appreciate differences in living, cultures, races, religions, political beliefs, etc…because we are all tools in the toolbox making this machine called “America” work. If we throw away or discount the contribution of each piece, parts of the machine or the entire thing may eventually break. Tools are too expensive not to appreciate and take care of.

I just wanted to share my morning thoughts as we travel across the red and blue states.




We made it to Oklahoma! It’s a little later in the day so no local sightseeing was done. However, we did find a gem in the rough — Whiskey Cake.

Where do I begin with Whiskey Cake?

Absolutely the best meal thus far. From the summery Wabbit Smash cocktail to the finger licking good Thai Barbeque Duck Wings to the flavorful Texas Redfish to the name sake Whiskey Cake, every thing was beyond delicious. The reviews were the same among the group. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. It may be a little pricey but worth it. It is farm to table; everything was fresh and prepared to order.

Shout out to our waiter, Chance!

Pros: Knowledgeable and attentive staff, excellent food and drinks, friendly waiter with a great personality, beautiful decor, clean environment

Cons: None

Price: $$





5 thoughts on “Day 2 – Memphis to Oklahoma

  1. It was William J. Blythe, III but he later took the surname Clinton after his stepfather.
    Yummy, yummy…I’m putting the Whiskey Cake eatery on my “Travel List”! I think I just put on 5 pounds salivating over the pics of the menu item, WOW! 😋
    That sure was the perfect place for dinner. How did you come upon it?


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