Day 3 Oklahoma City to Albuquerque, NM


Leaving Oklahoma

We checked out of Tinker AFB lodging and hit the road. I don’t ever want to hear another Air Force comrade talk about Army accommodations again.  Honestly, we are grateful for the privilege to stay on-post, wherever that may be.

Of course our route took us through Texas, so we stopped to have lunch. Everything is definitely bigger in Texas! This lovely sandwich was compliments of Jason’s Deli in Amarillo, Texas.



New Mexico

Did you know New Mexico has ski resorts and volcanos? Neither did we until we stopped at the welcome center. And if you are the lucky .02% of the population that knew this already, why didn’t you tell the rest of us?

We stopped at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa Route 66/ I 40. Divers can go 81 ft down to the caves. Umm….I’ll stick with my feet in the water only. 😁

We starting talking with Kelly and Aaron from Topeka, Kansas and found out they are veterans as well. A great couple. They are riding their motorcycles across a few of the mid-western states — stay safe! James also kept the attention of a group of guys from Ireland visiting a fellow Irishman living in Kentucky.  James hasn’t met a stranger yet! Two minutes will turn into two hours if you let him….but don’t tell him I said so. 🙂





For the short moment in time that we were there, I fell in love with quaint little Old Town Albuquerque. It was quiet and peacefully. Everyone we met was beyond nice and welcoming. There was a bit of spiritual and historical awareness that I’m not quite sure how to explain. As we walked the streets, I felt like I was in a modern day western. The buildings placed me in a Sunday afternoon western minus the dirt roads, horses and wagons. I could visualize the saloons and storefront establishments of the 1800s.

I was tempted to bust my budget and buy a handmade Navajo rug. The price tag of $3200 helped me to readjust my thinking — but, it was beautiful! We visited a few more shops and called it a night. I will admit, I was left wanting to see more. Maybe I will find my way back to Albuquerque and all the other locations of New Mexico that has suddenly peaked my interest.

We ate dinner at the restaurant in Hotel Albuquerque. I will never look a tortilla soup the same again. That was the real deal. And the Mexican salad with cilantro and lime vingarette dressing was everything! James didn’t leave any food behind, so I’ll assume it was good. 😉


Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town is, by far, one of my top five. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

** well maintained in appearance (beautiful) and extremely clean
** bed was plush and comfy…I slept like a baby
** staff was welcoming and helpful
** restaurant food and drinks were great
** received a welcome text while we were still on the road
** reasonably priced
** great location to Old Town (3-5 mins walk)


6 thoughts on “Day 3 Oklahoma City to Albuquerque, NM

  1. Great to see you are truly enjoying yourselves. The writing is so descriptive that even without the pictures I could visualize the places you’re visiting. Keep it coming. I’m enjoying the trip.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sure Hotel Albuquerque ran circles around Tinker AFB lodging😂😂.
    The food, the food…going to try and mimic that sandwich monstrosity!
    I’m totally enjoying your travel diary👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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