Day 4-6: Albuquerque, NM to Grand Canyon, AZ

Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona

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Approximately, 2.5 hours west of Albuquerque along I 40 sits the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. This marvelous hidden treasure is a nature enthusiast’s dream. It provides something for all — walking/biking trails, hiking, fossil extractions and reconstruction, guided tours, and overnight backpacking. If the outdoors and a great appreciation for nature is your thing, then this is a great stop to make.


We were greeted by the Park Ranger and her horse, Daisy. Please don’t expect to mount Daisy, that’s not in the visitor’s handbook. 😉

We had the opportunity to see an actual Paleontologist working on fossils extracted from rocks in Petrified Forest National Park. She gave us a little knowledge about the cleaning and extended process of reconstruction. I will say, I am in awe of the detail and time required to complete such a massive undertaking. Our understanding of the prehistoric era is solely based on men and women who dedicate their lives in the effort to find and preserve past life existence.

For more information about the Petrified Forest, please visit the following website:

Grand Canyon

There are no words that can describe the majestic work of God when looking at the Grand Canyon. I have seen many things over the years — in constant amazement of God’s creative genius — and the Grand Canyon was freakishly breathtaking. Miles of the same yet different cratered beauty. How is it even possible to be this serene? Wild life were moving about like we didn’t exist in their world, we were just more visitors taking pictures. It is the place where you can regain your inner peace while hiking a 7.4 mile trail to the bottom of the canyon, but lose your soul while trekking back uphill.



A few tips for future travelers to the Grand Canyon:

1. If you have any respiratory issues, make sure you are properly supplied with allergy medications (including Epipen) and inhalers. I would suggest having a scarf or something for your face. The trail is very dusty.
2. Buy good hiking shoes. Shoes with low to no traction is not a good idea because the rocks are slippery.
3. Have a hydration system
4. Invest in walking sticks/trekking poles
5. Sunscreen/eye protection/hats
6. Have a light sweater–the temperature drops in the evening
7. Start early
8. Have money (eating isn’t cheap)


James and Yvonne were having fun on their morning walk capturing photos of the wildlife.

Note: The mule ride down the canyon requires reservation at least 12 months in advance.

We use our access pass to enter all national parks for free. Click on the website to see if you qualify.


The look of survivors after coming back up the trail. Going down is easy, but you better be ready for the come up.


Our accommodations were located at the Grand Canyon.

Please do not wait to make reservations at the last minute, the rooms go quickly.

3 thoughts on “Day 4-6: Albuquerque, NM to Grand Canyon, AZ

  1. The pictures are truly amazing & breathtaking. The way you describe your experiences takes me there vicariously.


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