Day 10 — Las Vegas to Death Valley

Driving to Death Valley


If you are traveling the remote highways of Death Valley National Park, please have water stocked, radiator fluid filled, and gas in the tank! It is HOT like a Carolina Reaper and DRY like my throat while climbing uphill at the Grand Canyon! But it is a ride worth taking.

The name alone doesn’t scream ‘vacation destination’, however, you will be surprised by the beauty and stillness of the uninhabited land. We stopped at Dante’s View en route to our lodging destination. The ride up to Dante’s View had me questioning our sanity with a quick glance over the railing to our potential demise, but the unbelievable view was enchanting.

White swirls, of what seems to be calcium (unknown), spreads across the valley floor. Was it a river that dried up over time?…more research for us to find out. The sky was clear and air fresh. My life was fulfilled at that very moment! When I tell you, you can’t get any closer to feeling God’s presence than standing on top of Dante’s Peak.


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We soon moved on 200+ feet below sea level to The Ranch — a less expense option of  The Oasis at Death Valley. When we stopped at The Oasis, that’s exactly what it looked like — an upscale resort with palm trees, a restaurant, and pool in the middle of a dust bowl. So, I thought we had a prison version of The Oasis when we reached our overnight accommodation. To my surprise, they were nice — clean with the necessary amenity (refrigerator). I would recommend it. The food was expensive but decent, except the coffee. If you are a Starbucks drinker, just bring your own!


Accommodation information:

3 thoughts on “Day 10 — Las Vegas to Death Valley

  1. It looks so serene. James’ sister looks so peaceful lounging against the tree taking it all in. By the way, I will stop complaining about the gas prices in Augusta!


  2. I am sitting here looking at these pictures and wishing I was there it is beautiful and the food looks great I am sure it taste great also


  3. I am enjoying this trip so much. I think I click on the link every day to reread and to look up the sites. Keep posting and continue to enjoy God’s creation!!


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