Day 11 – Death Valley to Sequoia, CA

The Drive to Sequoia

The scenery is beautiful but wifi is limited. I guess this is nature’s way of making sure we pay attention to our surroundings. Our cell phone service was nonexistent until we departed Sequoia — and we have Verizon! So be prepared to enjoy your vacation as it is meant to be, in peace.

After a 22 mile climb uphill, we reached 7000 ft in elevation — about 230 ft higher than the Grand Canyon.

The intestinal road traveling uphill requires you to 1) not be afraid of heights 2) not have motion sickness 3) have a vehicle with good brakes and suspension and 4) enjoy the view.

The picture of James with his cell phone, atlas, and map is a reminder to have all three. Too often people solely depend on technology, but as you read above, sometimes it doesn’t work well. We believe in having a backup and hard copy map. It makes my life a lot easier when trying not to get lost.

I will admit, I was not familiar with Sequoia National Park prior to this trip. But now that I’ve experienced the magnificence of the Sequoia trees, I am once again in awe of nature. I felt like a hobbit while touring the park. The gigantic stature of trees, hundreds of years old, was beyond amazing. We looked like ants in the lens of our cameras while trying to take pictures. The Sequoia trees are some are the largest and longest-living trees on earth.

If you are interested in visiting, be sure to take a hike to see the Sherman Tree. And once again, have good walking shoes and an inhaler.

Take a look at this website to learn more about the colossal Sequoia trees :

The lodging was nice and comfortable. The centrally located cabins allow you to enjoy the park without traveling 20 plus miles down curvy hills for accommodations. Now the fact that Smoky the bear and his family are always roaming around looking for food, it required us to remove all food and fragranced items from the truck.

It’s was a fun location with amazing scenery. And the idea of seeing a black bear was exciting. At least, the idea of seeing it from behind a solid structure. 😊

Lodging accommodations:




4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Death Valley to Sequoia, CA

  1. Beary nice. I know. That was a bad joke, but I couldn’t resist. It’s such a thrill to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Keep on having fun.


    1. Hey, finally able 2 track u. Looks like alot of fun. Those trees and the rest of the scenery is beautiful. Enjoy! Gert


  2. ok, I want to hear something about Alaska. Is it beautiful? How was the drive from Washington? When is the next trip? Have you seen a bear or the whales? What is the price of fuel?
    Enjoy and stay safe!!


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