Day 12 – San Francisco

San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO! We made it to one of my ‘Living List’ locations. I say ‘Living List’ because I don’t like the sound of ‘Bucket List’ — implies you are ready to kick it at any moment, and that’s not how we are trying to live. I think Yvonne has also changed her terminology to celebrate her travel experience while living verse what we want to do before dying.

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We made a few stops along the way, including at a fruit stand on Hwy 180 en route to Fresno. We all enjoy fresh fruit and it is the the best snack while traveling long hours each day. There were miles of fruit orchards reminding us of the enormous amount of work it takes to produce quality fruit.


The first day of our arrival was pretty much exhausted with travel. We seem to have a routine — check in to our hotel or Airbnb, and find food! We were able to stay in temporary quarters at the Coast Guard Lodging in Novato, California. The drive was approximately 30 minutes from San Francisco. Not bad for $100 per day for two rooms, especially in San Francisco area. **Hint: if you have a military ID, let it work for you.

James found Chao Praya Thai Cuisine online and it was a winner! The curry chicken was excellent.


Our second day was tour day. Of course you know what the first stop was going to be…..Golden Gate Bridge. And the sight did not disappoint. We drove up a bluff to get an aerial view of the city. AMAZING! The temperature was mild with a slight breeze. We sat on a bench overlooking the bay and watching boats go by. We talked about the famous jail in the middle of the water, Alcatraz. Unfortunately, we were not able to get tickets to Alcatraz during our time there, but it gave me an excuse to return some day.

We also talked with several people after offering to take their pictures. We understand the struggle of a good selfie. One couple was riding their motorcycle with a group from Idaho. Yvonne talked with a couple of ladies for quite a while discussing our travels across the states. We discussed how San Francisco has changed over the years with a young couple entertaining a visit from the girl’s mother. They stated how the friendliness is leaving the city as transplants enter. In their opinion, people don’t have general conversations with others any more because the social-economic status is a factor in how people treat each other. It was sad to hear, but seem to be a common occurrence across the nation.

Afterwards, we drove down to the base of the bridge for a up close and personal view. I always heard of Presidio but never knew where it was located. I found it! Imagine my surprise to see beautiful home structures within 200 ft of Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center. Can you say “prime real estate”! The former military post is now a recreational hub, which explains all the amateur Tour de France cyclist riding by. After touring the gift shop and having a quick snack we stated walking the bridge. This is when Yvonne and I turned into a bootlegged singing duo singing to Facebook Live about the Golden Gate Bridge.



With limited parking around the city, we toured The Wharf and Chinatown from the truck. And since food is always high on our list, we decided to dine at Hog Island Oyster in the Ferry Building. I love seafood and everything about their BBQ Bourbon Chiptole Butter half shell oysters and Hog Island Rustic Seafood Stew was delicious. For the rest of the crew, the love may not have been as strong.


We moved on to the Museum of African Diaspora (MOAD).  The museum displayed modern interpretation of art through technology, digital imagery, and cloth material. We were thoroughly impressed with the ability to scan the square code and see moving art after downloading their app onto our phones and tablet. We could be a little late in this department but it was fun for us nonetheless.


We closed the day with dinner at Farmer Brown Southern Restaurant. I did give the waitress the disclaimer that we are real Southerns, so our expectations are high. They humored us and played along with our southern charm. The staff was extremely friendly with great personalities. I loved the vibe of the restaurant with the artwork and neo-soul music. But I have to keep it real, the southern food didn’t please all the southerns. I will say, we are a hard bunch to work with when it comes to southern cooking. So to their credit, they are a good San Francisco style southern food restaurant to visit.

9 thoughts on “Day 12 – San Francisco

  1. Thanks for bringing me along on your journey across American!! Reading is knowledge. By reading and viewing the pictures it has allowed me to be right there with you guys. Be safe! Sisterly, Zena


    1. Hello Carolyn! Sorry for the delay in response, wifi has not been our friend on the road. To answer your question, I think we all agreed that we like meeting new people and making new connections. In today’s climate, it has been refreshing to meet pleasant and welcoming people across the country. I would recommend visiting the North West and Grand Canyon. We have enjoyed the entire trip so the recommendation is a hard one. 🙂


  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your journey so far, but visiting San Francisco was my fave. I’m loving everything especially the MOAD. Can’t wait to visit again!! Keep ‘em coming…


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