Day 13 – Hwy 1 to Redwood, CA

Cruising Highway 1 to Redwood National and State Parks

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We decided to take the scenic route from San Francisco along the coastline to Redwood. Highway 1 is a beautiful coastal view of the Pacific, yet total brake killer. I was getting sea sick without being on the open seas. The winding road was like a favorite roller coaster ride for those who like adventure. The rocky cliffs were sharp and not a cliff diver’s friend. I only thought of total destruction when viewing all the rocks breaking the water’s forceful current.

Our picturesque route climbing the Northern shore provided a little country living with cows and horses grazing in the fields, mysterious and hidden towns that were perfect for disappearing from the world, ocean views with freezing waters in June, and a tunnel through forestry surroundings.

Redwood National and State Parks

This took us directly into the Redwood State Park. Like Sequoia, it was an array of giant trees — erected and fallen. The history and existence of the trees — that are capable of living 2000 years — are fascinating. These trees are capable of growing from fallen trees without developing roots in the ground. They can also sprout from the same stomp to grow into multiple trees. The long living trees have a way of resisting insects and fires with it’s thick bark and foliage. For more factual information, visit the following websites:

Being retired Army, we found it amusing to stop in a town called Fort Bragg for lunch. The only Fort Bragg we ever knew of was the home of the renowned 82nd Airborne Division. Needless to say, this was not the location we were familiar with. Fort Bragg, California is a quiet, small town treat.

On the hunt for food, we asked a couple of people for recommendations and the overwhelming response was Sea Pal Cove Restaurant. It was a basic stand up order and take away location. The food was by far some of the best yet. I’ve traveled around the world and ate at all types of domestic and international restaurants; however, Sea Pal served the best fish and chips I have ever had. That includes the Captain D’s version I had in London. No offense to my British friends.






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Our next stop, 13 miles outside of Crescent City, was just in time to rest our weary old bones and give us a sun setting moment over the pacific. Yvonne and I were born and raised on the atlantic coastal waterways, so ocean views are nothing new, but the tranquil vision of the pacific gave me a new love of the ocean. We moved on to our hotel for the night. Unfortunately, we did not seek an unknown restaurant. I had eaten myself silly and skipped dinner. James and Mattie ate at the hotel’s restaurant and I’m quite sure it wasn’t anything fancy, but they were pleased with their meal.

The Best Western hotel was clean and adequate location to stay for the night.


Our Redwood accommodations were in Crescent City, CA:



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