Day 14-15: Abbey Creek Winery / Portland Area

Abbey Creek Winery

Our introduction to Portland was a visit to Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains, Oregon. It was a perfect way to relax after several hours on the road. The wine tasting experience was an atmosphere of a weekend social event for those near and far, friends and strangers alike. Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, and Tempranillo were our options for tasting paired with selections of cheddar, pepper jack, and swish cheese. My personal favorite was the Tempranillo. I shipped two bottles of wine, and a bottle of the honey aged in malt whiskey barrels – Barreled Bee Honey, back to South Carolina. This may be a small indication of the impression made.

We continued to sip on wine and converse with the owner, Bertony, to learn more about his wines and journey to becoming Oregon’s first recorded Black winemaker. His documentary Red, White, and Black pays homage to minority winemakers and help to tell their stories. The Haitian born, New York raised, and Oregon resident is not selling wines, he’s selling the experience! So next time you’re in the Portland area, take the time to experience Abbey Creek. And definitely pick up a bottle of honey as a bonus.



Unfortunately, we did not explore downtown Portland. We stayed local to our Airbnb accommodations in Beaverton, approximately 30 minutes outside of Portland. We used the time to unwind, get our nails done, and grocery shop. Our Airbnb hosts were nice and extremely responsive to our needs. We had a small issue that they resolved within 30 minutes. It was a great townhouse in a quiet neighborhood in walking distance to a bowling alley, grocery store, mail shipping store, two nail salons, restaurant, clothing boutique, pet store, spa, and walking trails.


20180611_141111_001Located inside the grocery store with high top seating.

We had a simple night out at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. After a few weeks of broken diets and hypertension checks, a salad or two was welcomed. The salmon and avocado rolls were delicious! We ended our dinner with an informative conversation with our waitress discussing things to do in the area, her cross-country living adventures while working for The Cheesecake Factory, and the strive to be self sufficient. I was thoroughly impressed with her focus and determination all while enjoying everything life has to offer. She is on the right track at the tender age of 23.


Our view leaving Portland.

6 thoughts on “Day 14-15: Abbey Creek Winery / Portland Area

  1. I took some time out from traveling with you to take a short trip to Detroit. Has it only been 2 weeks! You’ve done more in those 15 days than most people do in a lifetime of travels. The sights, the sounds and the aromas!! Thanks for taking me along. I’m enjoying the trip especially when you visit a place that I’ve been.


    1. Hey Wendy,
      Glad you are still enjoying the trip. We are still behind in updating our blog because of spotty internet connections. We’re arriving in Fairbanks today and hope to catch up. Have a great day. Yvonne


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