Day 16-18 Seattle


As usual, we found food within an hour of check-in. We ventured out to Anthony’s for dinner, a riverside restaurant located in Everett. The Sunset Dinner for $24.95 was my choice, a selection of early dinners Monday through Friday, until 6:00 p.m. Each four-course dinner includes an appetizer, your choice of chowder or salad, entree and dessert. My appetizer was the Chilled Oregon Bay Shrimp Cocktail which I should’ve followed the lead of everyone else and ordered the Wild Alaska Salmon Croccantini. Caesar Salad and the Blackened Rockfish were great. The Creme Brulee was the least desired. It was just a burnt topping with hardened pudding…not an acceptable dessert for someone who lived in France for three years.

The view of the water as the sun set across the horizon was a culmination of a wonderful cross- country trip to the west. We watched a gentleman feed a group of salmon, prepping them for their place in the wild. After dinner, we strolled on the dock and snapped multiple photos in the cool evening air. This should be a dream location for our Navy personnel stationed in the area.

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Our second day in Seattle was sightseeing day. We went directly to the Space Needle where we purchased tickets and had to waste an hour prior to being allowed to enter. We all split for a short time to visit shops and food vendors. Mattie and I were standing by the steps in front of the Space Needle when I noticed a man that could potentially be homeless. He went from trash can to trash can scanning the inside then moving on. At that point, I knew he was homeless and possibly hungry. I lost track of his movement after the second trash can. Once I saw him from a distance, I ran to catch him and asked if he wanted something to eat. He said, “yes”. I walked him back to a hotdog stand and let him get what he wanted.

His name is Joe. In his search for food, Joe did not ask anyone for anything. He was just hungry trying to find anything he could to eat. My heart ached, and I couldn’t stop crying. Even as I type this, I’m tearing up again. Let’s be clear, I lost absolutely nothing by helping Joe. I haven’t missed another meal, I didn’t miss out on any souvenirs or pampering moments for this trip. I’m praying we don’t lose all compassion and humanity over politics and the thought of someone getting more than us.

God reminds us every day of our blessings. Joe has been a great reminder of our blessing especially during this journey. He also reminded us of the need for compassion in thoughts and deeds.

Our time up in the Space Needle was incredible. Once at the top, we were able to see close to a 180-degree view of the city with extended sky lines that kissed the water and building that looked like a version of Lego land. The glass barrier only amplified the view yet gave total security. The area was under construction to update the restaurant, so I hope you will be able to dine and enjoy the city’s spectacular view in the future.


A quick trip to Pike’s Place was another ‘to-do’. I had been years ago, but the others had not. It remained the same – a busy market of outsiders wanting a glimpse and taking pictures of flying fish at Pike’s Place Fish Market. Locals and visitors walked through buying fresh seafood and produce and visiting underground shops with a variety of local and International items. I’m sure I got your attention with the flying fish comment. Well, I’ll let you check out this link for more details:










3 thoughts on “Day 16-18 Seattle

  1. I enjoyed that trip around Seattle I remember the market, The food at Anthony’s look delicious
    where is our next adventure?


  2. Trenette, thanks for the view of Seattle. it was beautiful and I had been waiting for a while.
    Continue your voyage with safety and fun!!!


  3. You did get my attention with the flying fish reference, but it brought to mind my native country Barbados where flying fish is part of the national dish. I do remember also the fish vendors of Seattle tossing the fish. What a sight! Thanks for the memories. Looking forward to visiting Alaska with you. On On…


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